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Samsung Electronics has introduced its first Ultra High Definition Television (TV) with a ‘floating’ design which, according to the company, will revolutionise home cinema all over the world.

Housed within an easel-like frame that allows it to rotate freely and appear to float… Read More


A year ago Samsung launched their new curved OLED displays which are basically curved version of their SmartTV’s which give home users an IMAX like setup in the comfort of their homes. When initially launched, Samsung experienced some unexpected manufacturing problem but they have since turned… Read More


There was a time when plasma screens reigned supreme in the 46-inch TV market. But in much the same way as a meteor strike killed off the dinosaurs, the second coming of the LCD TV is the invasive species that has done for plasma.

We're still huge advocates of plasma on TechRadar, don't get… Read More


DDD Group the 3D solutions company, today announced that its Yabazam 3D video streaming service has delivered over one million 3D movie trailers to Samsung and LG 3D TV viewers since November 2012.

The Yabazam 3D app is a free download for Samsung and LG 3D TVs, which account for 64% of the… Read More


Samsung Electronics announced its next wave of UHD TV models with the introduction of the F9000 line. The Samsung UHD TV models are available for pre-order. Offered in 55- and 65-inch models, the F9000 UHD TVs take home entertainment to a new level by delivering the highest resolution and best-in-class… Read More


Time Warner Cable (TWC) subscribers who buy a new smart TV from Samsung can now watch video-on-demand programming without using a set-top box, the US operator announced on 31 July.

The firm said that its TWC TV app will function on 2012 and 2013 Samsung connected TVs. TWC customers will be… Read More